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PAF recently updated the registration process and fees. 
The major change in the form and dues is the combination of the PAF State Membership Renewal Fee as well as the fee for membership in your currently designated PAF Chapter. 
With this new all-in-one renewal form, your dues payment of $90.00 sent directly to State completes your entire renewal process. 
This single form will be all that you will need to complete each year to continue your entire PAF membership. 


Active Membership (New) – $120  (*$60.00)

Active Membership (Renewal) – $90

Associate Membership – $90 (*45.00)

Sustaining Membership – $185 (*$92.50)

Student Membership – $45.00 (*22.50)

*Prorated fees for applications received between January 1 through June 30.  All memberships expire on June 30.